About Us

Surrey Historic Buildings Trust helps to conserve the historical, architectural and constructional heritage of the county of Surrey and surrounding areas, including buildings of particular historical interest or beauty, as well as gardens and other land and structures.

Surrey Historic Buildings Trust was formed in 1980 when a former High Sheriff of Surrey, Philip Henman, pledged the sum of £25,000 for heritage conservation in the county, which the County Council then matched. The Trust is advised by the County Historic Buildings Officer. We are supported by a group of Friends and by architects and conservationists who help with the Trust’s work. In recent years much of our work has been around the award of grants to help restore and conserve buildings and structures, and promoting awareness of the state of historic buildings in Surrey and good practice in their conservation, for example through the Surrey Heritage Awards.

By becoming a Friend of SHBT you can support our work to preserve these important places so that they can be enjoyed by future generations. We are a voluntary organisation working with building owners, local authorities and the community. We are financed largely by Friends’ subscriptions and donations.

SHBT is a member of the Heritage Trust Network, which represents historic building preservation trusts throughout the country, all of whom are dealing with challenges of buildings that are severely at risk. We also support major heritage organisations including Historic England, English Heritage, the Society for the Preservation of Ancient Buildings (SPAB) and the National Trust. We work closely with CPRE Surrey, the Countryside Charity, which was a co-founder of SHBT alongside Surrey County Council.

Surrey Historic Buildings Trust is governed by a Board of Trustees. The current (2019-20) Trustees are: Angela Fraser DL (Chair); Nick Skellett CBE (Vice-Chair), David Davis DL; Hazel Morris; Amanda Lewis; Christine Manly; Jennifer Powell; Julie Summers; Sarah Sullivan; Michael Sydney; Colin Taylor.  The Trust’s Conservation Adviser is Martin Higgins, County Historic Buildings Officer, assisted by Chris Reynolds, and the Trust Secretary & Administrator is Andy Smith. We also have a Grants & Projects Committee, chaired by Amanda Lewis, which deals with grant applications for building conservation projects.



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